Nissan Formula E




PARIS/DUBAI (April 27th, 2023) – A shock of electricity is about to strike the web with the launch of Nissan Booster, the ultimate digital platform for fans to experience the adrenaline and excitement of the Formula E in a Web 3 environment, where Nissan is set to engage and excite the online community.

By leveraging the power of Web 3, Nissan has created a unique and exclusive experience of Formula E, which supports the company's mission to deliver innovation for excitement and commitment to electrification in line with Nissan Ambition 2030.

At the heart of this program is an exclusive Nissan Booster Discord channel, a community where fans can stay up to date with all the latest news and happenings surrounding the Nissan Formula E team, discuss the Season 9 developments and get behind-the-scenes access to what happens in the Nissan paddock during e-Prix weekends.

Fans can even enjoy live audio coverage of qualifications and races, exclusively streamed on Discord for the Nissan Booster community. What's more, active members can gain access to private channels to chat with the team and drivers themselves.

Everyone can join the Nissan Booster Discord channel here and be part of the excitement of Formula E like never before.

In addition to the Discord community, Nissan has created a free NFT card game where fans can test their Formula E intuitions by making predictions on the Nissan Formula E team at every ePrix. By getting the predictions right, fans can earn exclusive NFT cards and gain experience points. The ultimate prize for the top-performing fans is a VIP invitation to the Nissan paddock at the 2023 London e-Prix.

Fans can play Nissan Booster NFT card game by going directly to and put their Formula E knowledge to the test.

To celebrate the launch of Nissan’s Booster, Nissan has organised an e-sport event where official Nissan Formula E drivers Sacha Fenestraz and Norman Nato will take on 10 experienced motorsport gamers from all over the world in a virtual e-Prix. The Nissan Booster Trophy will be streamed live on Nissan Twitch Channel on the 22nd of May, from 9pm to 11pm GST.

Join the Nissan Booster community and get ready to experience the thrill of Formula E like never before.